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Our team handles properties throughout the San Francisco, CA area. With access to listing throughout the region, we’re able to help buyers find what they’re looking for – and show properties for our sellers to potential buyers.

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The inventory on the real estate market in San Francisco, CA is constantly changing. Our access to multiple listings helps ensure that you’re always able to see the properties that are available and that may interest you the most.

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Properties Sold

Every year, our team represents hundreds of buyers and sellers. Just take a look at some of the properties we’ve sold in the past to see how diverse our expertise is and why we have a reputation for excellent results.


Districts of San Francisco

Our city has many different neighborhoods and districts. They’re all unique in their own way, and all deserve a closer look. Take a look at each district to see which ones you think may fit your needs, budget, and goals with your upcoming property purchase.

District 1

Also called the Richmond District, this residential area is located between the Presidio and Golden Gate parks and is a vibrant neighborhood with shops, dining, and a small town vibe.

District 2

The Sunset District offers a small town feel along with easy access to the larger parts of the city. It has a rich history with a wide range of architectural styles and design. It’s a perfect option for anyone looking for a unique home.

District 3

Also called the Southwest District, this is one of the newest parts of the city and is where you’ll find the famous San Francisco Zoo, Golf Clubs, and more. It offers easy freeway access and is an affordable option for middle class families.

District 4

One of the more upscale districts and home to many of the most exclusive neighborhoods, Twin Peaks West offers beautiful homes and family-friendly vibes that make it a highly desirable – and more expensive – place to call home.

District 5

Often called the heart of San Francisco, you’ll find commercial and residential real estate here. Also called the Central District, it offers more variety and diversity than many other locations and has numerous properties available.

District 6

The Central North District has some of the oldest homes in the city along with shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It’s a vibrant, eclectic part of the city and really does offer something for everyone.

District 7

Located in northern San Francisco, this is one of the most desirable districts in the city. It boasts numerous parks and natural beauty, and you’ll even see wildlife near the homes that are found here.